Science 4


Concept-based Science Textbooks
This Science series by AFAQ has been developed with all the
key elements needed to meet the requirements of the Single
National Curriculum. It includes comprehensively researched
content with high quality pictures. The content is designed to
integrate scientific knowledge with the Quran and Hadith. It is
an activity-based series to encourage students to gain
knowledge byapplying scientific skills.
The content of the series is aligned with the Single National
An attractive layout is used to grab the attention of students.
Many attractive and eye-catching icons are used to highlight
important points.
Self-explanatory and vibrant illustrations fill the pages to stimulate
the interest of students.
Age-appropriate activities to develop motor skills are given in each
Additional interesting information to expand the knowledge of
learners is provided.
Comprehensive teaching points for teacher guidance are provided
in each unit.
The easy to difficult approach is child-centred to involve the child as
an active participant in various activities.
Consistent reinforcement of concepts by multiple types of
questions are used throughout the series.