E-Learning Solution

AFAQ understands that young people today learn a great deal both inside and outside of the classroom.

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Our E-Readers provide junior students a fun and entertaining way to learn basic concepts of reading, speaking and mathematics.

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Teaching Videos

Our high-quality, comprehensive, and easy-to-understand teaching videos enable teachers and parents to educate students at school.

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Sun Series

AFAQ Sun Series is an innovative research-based programme grounded in the natural world in which we live. The series is equipped with all essential elements needed to motivate and empower young minds to develop scientific knowledge, skills and attitudes.

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Iqbal Series

This series is named “Iqbal Series”; after great renowned poet Dr. Muhammad Iqbal. This series is based on an approach of holistic development of pupil. Keeping this principal in view, various dimensions of pupils character is focused in these books.

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Nakhlah Series

This series characterizes what young children can identify with as well as learning through textbooks packed with attention-grabbing content and activities. The integration of Islamic values and illustrations keeps the child-focused on his cultural domain.

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Improving Education in Pakistan

A diverse range of services which includes

Curriculum development, textbooks and children’s publications, teacher training, youth promotion, career counseling, student assessment, and evaluation.

AFAQ eLearning Solutions

AFAQ understands that young people today learn a great deal both inside and outside of the classroom.

AFAQ Learning Management System is an Exam generating solution made for AFAQ members school allowing principals and teachers to be able to generate customized assessment sheets according to their needs.

Based on the latest cloud platform, AFAQ-LMS is designed for high performance, customization and user friendliness that allow user to customize multiple parameters during exam sheet generation such as chapters, patterns, font type, font spacing & sizing and custom school logos and gives you exam sheet a customized look and feel.

High Performance Cloud Processing

Multiple Simultaneous Exam Sheets

Extensive Customization

AFAQ Support Material & Guides

Principals & Teachers Training in Pakistan

AFAQ Training consists of highly committed, vastly experienced, and well-trained Teacher Educators struggling to provide effective teacher training to improve the standard of teaching.