An Educational Pre-Audit (EPA) is a detailed and rigorous activity.

Educational Pre-Audits

An Educational Pre-Audit (EPA) is a detailed and rigorous activity in which our certified lead auditors visit the educational institute to observe and evaluate the educational processes and procedures of the institute, which include but are not limited to assembly observation, ecology audit, review of policies and records, meetings with parents, meetings with students, getting feedback from teachers, sessions with non-teaching staff, meetings with institute’s management, etc. We also gather various information about institutes like organization profile, enrolment records, previous attendance records, faculty’s qualification and experience records, history of results, curriculum, etc.

We develop a comprehensive audit report which covers all the audited areas. The report depicts various areas such as the teaching methodologies practiced by teachers, teaching observation report, policies and records required vs. what id available. We also provide recommendations and action plan to implement those recommendations.

We have conducted more than 1,200 pre-audits nationwide and abroad