Career Counselling & Guidance

Career Counselling & Guidance

Helps You

Choose your educational and professional careers that best fit your personality. Teaches You
How to develop the basic skills required for you to grow as a student and professional. The First Comprehensive Programme for Student Counseling in Pakistan
God has created every human being with a distinct personality. Choosing educational and professional careers according to one’s personality, skills, interests and aptitude is the key to success in life. Unfortunately, there is no sound system in place for counseling and guidance of school-going children in Pakistan. As a result, students go for those subjects that do not match their mental aptitudes. Not surprisingly, they become frustrated and feel like being wasted. Feeling a dire need for career counseling and guidance of students, AFAQ has designed a comprehensive programme to help students clear the obstacles in choosing their careers. Being tailored to individual needs, this programme will lead to personality development of students and polish up their skills required to prosper in life.  Affiliating with AFAQ’s Career Guidance and Counseling Services will not only help students perform better, but will also go a long way towards achieving the school’s mission and improving its standing.


Open Guidance Sessions
Personality Development Training Sessions
Training in Study Success Skills
Psychometric Assessment Sessions for Self Exploration
Setting up Counseling Career Guidance Centers
Counseling Clinics

Benefits for Students

Introduces them to their personal traits, interests, skills and aptitude.
Helps them choose their careers according to their personality and lifestyle.
Trains them to be successful in their educational and professional careers.
Provides them with training in personality development.
Enhances their interview and live communication skills.
Makes them learn time management skills.
Provides them with necessary help to make a realistic educational plan.

Benefits for Schools

Turnaround in the school’s internal and board results.
Improvement in the public image of the school
Helps the school make a realistic educational plan
Helps the school in decision-making on the basis of facts and figures
Increases the strength of students

Phases of Counseling and Career Guidance Programme

In this stage, students are put to a variety of Psychometric Assessment tests to determine their personality type, values, interests and skills as wells as IQ and EQ levels.

Exploring Career
In this stage, students are given an insight into higher studies and various professions.

Decision-making and Career Planning
In this stage, students are trained to choose educational subjects and careers according to their personality types.

Search for Job or Educational Institute
Students are given detailed information about educational institutes and jobs available in the market.

Performing/Professional Development
Phase Five is known as the performing stage wherein the individual performs using their characteristics required by the profession or their educational institute.  This phase also provides an opportunity for lifelong learning and further development in the chosen career.

Training Sessions
In this stage, short skill development and personality development training sessions are conducted to assist students in their educational fields.

Counseling Clinics
In big cities such as Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and Islamabad, Counseling Clinics will be established in collaboration with the psychology departments of universities. In these clinics, learning disabilities and psychological problems faced by an individual will be addressed. Counseling Clinics will play the role of research centers and provide guidance at national level.