Social Studies 5

Concept-based Social Studies Textbooks
This series of Social Studies byAFAQ is designed in such a way that
it achieves comprehensive alignment with the Single National
Curriculum. To encourage students to employtheirexperience and
knowledge into the process while contributing to defining their
own learning, interactive teaching and learning methodologies
have been used throughout the series.

Salient Features:

This series helps students to appreciate human diversity, structure
and foundation of government and constitution.
Special focus on the working of economic systems and the
relationship between human society and the environment are
Clear connections between the past, present and future, trends
which shape the evolution of societies and cultural aspects are used
to clear concepts.
An inductive and child-centred approach is used throughout the
Many child friendly and eye-catching illustrations are given to clear
A variety of fun activities are integrated keeping in view Bloom’s
Reinforcement and group-based activities of the concepts are given
in each unit.
Comprehensive guidelines for teachers are given to show how to
deliver concepts.
Focus on character building features are integrated throughout the