English 5


Concept-based English Textbooks
Sun Primary English Series by AFAQ has been designed in
progression with the Sun ECCE series. These books are a real
manifestation ofthe Single NationalCurriculum, 21st century skills
and international research. Vibrant illustrations and an attractive
layout scheme have been used. Inter disciplinary activities link the
book with other learning areas through fun-based activities. A
theme-based approach is used in each unit.

Salient Features:

AFAQ Sun Series is developed according to the guidelines of the
Single National Curriculum.
It focuses on the five competencies and four skills of language.
The sequence of learning is kept in view as the concepts are simple
to complex and known to unknown.
Single National Curriculum themes, morals and social values have
been integrated into the content to develop the character and
personality of students.
Cultural demands and market practices are kept in mind while
developing the content of the series. Well researched and precise
information is given about different concepts.
“Time to Know” and “Teaching Point” are given for teachers and
learners to help them understand each concept more effectively.
Character building with focus on Islamic identity, Islamic values and
moral development of students is also incorporated.
The entire series aims to develop critical and analytical thinking in
the learners through a versatile range of activities with each concept.