Science 5


Concept-based Science Textbooks

This series of Science by AFAQ has been developed to improve students’

critical thinking, understanding and skills in the field of science and technology.

It is designed to bring topics closer to the interests of children through comprehensive

content, exercises and activities. The concepts are designed to integrate scientific

knowledge with the Quran and Hadith.

Salient Features:

The series is fully aligned with the Single National Curriculum.

Each textbook is designed with an attractive easy-to-read layout.

The content is filled with attractive and vibrant illustrations with culturally suitable and age-appropriate context.

The content is accurate, authentic and up-to-date.

The illustrations are clear and properly labelled and captioned.

Each unit contains fun age-appropriate activities to develop motor skills and make science an enjoyable experience.

Additional interesting information is given to quickly expand the knowledge of learners.

Comprehensive teaching points are used to enhance teacher guidance.

Analytical questions are given in exercises for students to think beyond the textbook too.

The 3Ps (presentation, practice and production) concept is used throughout to develop science skills and concepts.

A dynamic child-centered approach is used to involve the child as an active participant in various activities.