Math 4


Concept-based Mathematics Textbooks
AFAQ Primary Mathematics Iqbal Series is completely aligned
with the Single National Curriculum. This series is comprised of 5
easy to understand books from Grade 1 to 5. The basic purpose of
this series is to develop mathematical skills among students in an
easyand concise wayusing simple language.
Every new concept is based upon the previous learnt concepts so
that the learners grasp the new knowledge more easily.
Very simple and age-appropriate language is used.
The content is student-centred and relates to the real-life of
young learners.
Easy to difficult or pictorial to abstract approach is used to make
mathematical concepts easily understandable.
Interesting activities are used to enhance mathematical skills of
Concepts are taught gradually that are inter-related with each
other in sequence.
Mathematical concepts are taught through integration of religious,
cultural and national values